5 Ways You Can Improve Your Email Writing

As email marketers – we all have to send out lots of emails : swipes if you’re doing solo ads, and of course other, more detailed emails if you have a proper set of follow ups in place, or are mailing for affiliate products, CPA offers, the list goes on…

I am on so many lists myself and have so many email addresses I often lose track of how many emails I get in a day.

But one thing I do notice – is how poorly so many of them are written. True, not everyone is a grammar nazi but I open emails all the time, read the first couple of lines then immediately hit that ‘trash’ button.

With email you have a limited amount of time to get your message across. Particularly with solo mails, your swipes are going into people’s email boxes who are probably on 20-50 different solo ad lists. They will be getting hammered with mails constantly, and if yours doesn’t stand out, it’ll never get opened, let alone read or generate clicks.

If you want to get your message across via email you have to get very good, and effective, at writing copy.

So here’s a few tips we think will help you to improve your email writing :

1. Read other Internet Marketers Emails

Simple but effective! Every big internet marketer out there has a blog or website with optin box so you can sign up to their list. Get on board. Read their mails. See how the big boys do it. We aren’t recommending you straight out copy them, but this is a great way of taking influence from others, and learning from people with huge lists who will be using them to generate an income all on their own.

2. Start Learning Copywriting

Copywriting involves strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action, and is an art form in itself. The quicker you learn good copywriting the better. The more well written your emails are, the better they will get your message, and what you are trying to sell, across.  There are many websites dedicated to this stuffed full of handy hints and tips. Here’s 3 good ones to start you off :

The 10 Commandments of Great Copywriting

10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy

Copywriting 101 : How to Craft Compelling Copy

Google throws up hundreds more so make sure you get over there and read as much as you can about copywriting. Knowledge, as always in this business, equals power.

3. Keep It Short If It’s A Coldish list / Recipient

If your list is ‘cold’ (only recently started/subscribers aren’t used to seeing your mails yet) don’t overload them with huge long emails – they simply won’t get read. Remember people get so many emails every day, and until you are more established as a bona fida email marketer it’s best to keep your mails short and sweet at first. As your list, and reputation grows, so can the length of your emails :)

4. Use ‘Open Loops’ – Keep your Subscribers Interested

A good way of keeping your subscribers interested and engaged in your emails is to use what we call ‘open loops’ (also known as tension loops). This is a crafty way of using words in your emails that creates the beginning of a story, but not providing the ending – at least until the next email anyway. This technique is often used in movie trailers with great success. By starting a story or anecdote in your email, but making your subscribers wait for the ending (or next part!), you will grab hold of  their minds for a longer period of time. Although they may consciously forget about it, their subconscious won’t. By using open loops in this way your subscribers will be watching out for your next email, eager to read about what happens next. When they see the final outcome, the loop is closed and the tension is released.

5. Always Mix Value With Promotions (2-3 Value Emails Per Promotion)

Successful email marketers never pitch all the time. If you are trying to sell your subscribers something in every email that you send out, you won’t keep them on your list for very long! To keep your list responsive, it’s vital to send out a good amount of ‘value’, or information rich emails (without pitch). Simply put – the more good information you send out to your subscribers, the more likely they are to want to read your emails. Obviously you are maintaining an email list to make money, otherwise what’s the point of paying your autoresponder bill every month? Using the correct ratio of information and promotion in your broadcasts will do you favours in the long run. We recommend 2-3 info emails per promotion email, but feel free to experiment yourself with your own list of

6. Check All Grammar & Spelling!

Often overlooked, I cannot believe how many shoddily spelt emails I get on a daily basis. It takes 2 seconds to use a spell checker! Chrome even has it built in, so you can correct simple spelling mistakes as you go along. Not a lot else makes you look more unprofessional than an email full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar. If English isn’t your first language, you can always ask a Skype buddy to check it for you. This is a small thing but believe me it makes all the difference.

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