Cheap Or Expensive Clicks?

Is Cheap Traffic Or Expensive Traffic Better?

Whatever kind of traffic you are buying, it’s a bit of a minefield out there.

And Solo Ads is no different.

On one end of the scale you have people literally scraping the bottom of the barrel – letting clicks go for as little as $0.25 – $0.30 each. Then on the other you have bigger, more established sellers hawking their solo clicks for as much as $0.90 each or even more.

So which is better? Cheap traffic, or expensive?

I’d say neither, and that you need to find a balance somewhere in between.

Super cheap clicks are a low price for a reason – usually they aren’t much good. Or, worse, they are often ‘fake’ traffic such as bots or See my post about this hereSometimes you do get genuine people selling clicks for a cheap price – when someone is first getting into selling solo ads they often start out selling at a lower price in order to build testimonials (These clicks are often worth buying – as the lists are fresh and responsive). Sellers often reduce prices for a few days or a week (at Christmas time or similar) to drum up business. Or if a seller needs some fast cash to pay a bill or get out of a tight spot, people have been known to lower their prices for a quick sale here too.

But good quality clicks at a rock bottom price, from established sellers with a reputation – are in the minority.

What’s to stop a seller who was letting clicks go at $0.30 before simply raising their prices to $0.55 a click? Nothing! They’re exactly the same clicks, just now they are $0.25 more expensive each. The only thing that’s changed is the price, and you will still most likely get crap results with them as they were ‘cheap’ clicks before.

If something smells to good to be true – it usually is.

Then on the other hand – just because you pay $0.90 a click from someone else – doesn’t automatically make their clicks worthwhile either. I’ve bought expensive clicks and had bad results in the past. Just because something is expensive does not make it ‘good’ as a matter of cause!

Higher cost per click can mean a higher quality subscriber, particularly if you can see loads of great sales testimonials for the seller in question. IF your funnel is tried and tested to convert, then yes in some cases – it may be worth paying extra for your traffic if it converts on the back end and makes you a profit.

Going further – certain sellers will sell much more expensive ‘buyer’ traffic (your solo will get sent to a list consisting purely of people who have been known to whip their credit card out and buy things in the past). Again – if your funnel is proven to convert this may be worth a look too. But be prepared to pay big for it.

Know this : you cannot base a solo ad just on clicks alone. If your squeeze page is poorly designed with bad copy, and/or if don’t have a high converting offer on the back end you are not going to get the best results from any source of traffic.

Only when you know your squeeze page and back end offer converts well with a wide range of traffic, can you start properly analysing your source (the solo clicks that you buy).

Generally speaking, avoid cheap clicks as they will most likely be no good. And avoid super expensive clicks as well – as they are just that – too expensive! Profit is everything – always consider your bottom line.

You need to strike a balance in the middle and you can do this in a few ways :

– Do all you can to bargain a lower price from established sellers who you trust. This way you know you’re getting quality clicks, but hopefully at a lower cost than they would normally charge.

– Buy from them regularly (I recommend once a month). If a seller knows you’ll come back on the dot every 30 days, that’s one less slot s/he has to worry about filling in their calendar. After 2-3 months of regular buys, go to the seller and negotiate a cheaper price on the promise you’ll be back like clockwork next month.

– Pay up front for bigger orders to be spread out over the coming weeks/months. As a rule, the more clicks you buy at once the cheaper they are, so buy as many as you can at once. If you buy say 3000 clicks at once but tell the seller you want 1000 a month delivered on xyz date for the next 3 months – you should be able to get a cheaper overall cost this way.

– Trade other services for clicks. Maybe you’re a designer, or have alternative skills that will be valuable to a solo ad seller. They need a banner designing, you need 100 clicks. Maybe you can help each other out this way.

– Get to know the seller. Become their friend! While this may sound a bit mercenary, it’s just doing business. The more regularly you talk to someone online, the more you get to know them. When you are closer to a seller, you can haggle for a cheaper price without looking like a random expecting the earth for nothing in return.

– Ask! Yes that’s right – just simply ask for a cheaper price. Some sellers will give you a discount the first time you buy from them, however others will not (myself included). You may catch a seller who is in a good mood, or who just wants to quickly fill a slot in their calendar before going out. The old adage is true for a reason – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

No one is going to become an expert on solo ads over night. It takes time to test and tweak everything, plus build a list of reliable sellers who you know have good quality traffic at the right price.

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Go slowly, build up relationships with sellers, work on your funnel – and before long you should be breaking even or even making a profit on every one of your solo ad buys, whatever you paid for them!

Any input? We’d love to hear from you.

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