How To Easily Filter Your Traffic Based On Visitor Location

Whether traffic is coming into your squeeze pages and lists, or if you’re sending it out to customers via broadcasts or follow ups  – with solo ads it always helps if you know how to filter it. In the case of solos, this usually means splitting it up into 2 groups of countries : Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Tier 1 countries = Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom
Tier 2 countries = Everything else

Tier 1 countries are all important when building lists – the “top 5″ countries are the highest value as they are English speaking (will fully understand all language on your squeeze pages and offers), and also way more likely to have a credit card.

Of course there are many other countries where English is spoken and they have credit cards as well. But in the world of solo ads, the top 5 indicated above are the ones everyone wants on their lists.

This is why you see “70-75% Tier 1 traffic”, “80% T1 minimum” and the like on sales pages. It indicates the percentage of Tier 1 traffic you will be getting in your solo ad. When you buy a solo, always make sure you are clear on the % of T1 traffic that you will be getting. 70-75% is the norm, although if you are prepared to pay extra you can often negotiate a higher %. Some sellers provide 100% Tier 1 traffic – but be prepared to pay a premium for it.

A big number of offers out there, CPA or otherwise, will only accept Tier 1 traffic. Many offers take any traffic, but if you are hoping for good sales figures, it makes sense to send Tier 1 traffic as it is more likely to have a credit card – and therefore buy what you are selling. Finally, there are other offers that only accept Tier 2 traffic, otherwise known as INTL (international). The payouts will be lower, but this means you can still squeeze every last penny out of your traffic even if it is not on the Tier 1 list.

So say we have 2 offers on the back end of our squeeze page – one for Tier 1 traffic only, then another for Tier 2. How would we set it all up so it works correctly?

Don’t worry : this is pretty simple, easy to do, and once you know how it’ll take you 5 seconds to do it again :)

A flow diagram for basic filtering from your squeeze page looks like this :


I’m sure in previous posts I’ve said to never link directly to a page or offer once someone opts into your list right? Always link to a rotator instead! This way you control exactly what goes on after optin, plus it takes 2 seconds to change links on the back end if/when you have to. So in the above diagram – someone opts into your squeeze page, then you send them to a rotator link, that filters the traffic. All Tier 1 traffic gets sent to a (higher paying) Tier 1 specific offer, while everything else gets sent to a Tier 2 specific one. There’s no point sending Tier 1 traffic to a Tier 2 offer, and vice versa.

Filtering traffic this way ensures everything is sent to where it should go, and as previously mentioned squeezes every last potential penny out of your buys.

If you are using QualityClickControl as a rotator, when you add links click the ‘Show Advanced Options’ button and you will see ‘Countries Allowed’. In the case of the above diagram, enter in the Tier 1 countries you wish to allow, or ‘let through’ to your original link, then the ‘Redirect URL’ is where you would put the URL of your Tier 2 offer. It’s that simple.

If you are using Clickmagick, when you add links it’s even easier. You simply set the minimum and maximum amount of T1 traffic you wish to let thru the link, and that’s it! Just fill in the numbers and off you go.

Remember both scripts have FAQs if you get stuck, or YouTube is always great for handy tutorial videos.

By using filtering you can split up and divert your traffic in all kinds of ways. The below diagram shows a slightly more advanced example, in this case separating the Tier 1 traffic out to The United States for one offer, The United Kingdom for another, then the remaining 3 Tier 1 countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) to a third. While some offers are Tier 1 only as I talked about earlier, there are ones out there that are country specific – so 1 country only.


I remember feeling a bit unsure of myself when I started filtering traffic and this may well happen to you. Now, I never set up a link or rotator without using it. Like many aspects of solo ads, this can seem complicated and confusing at first. But once it becomes clear you’ll realise how quick and easy traffic filtering actually is. Furthermore, using it properly means you can make more money – so the quicker you wrap your head round this one the better.

Get into your script, make some ‘dummy’ rotators and links then play around with the options to see what happens. A VPN can be really helpful if you need to check things work for specific countries, or ask one of your Skype buddies in another country to check things work properly for you.

Learn how to filter traffic correctly – and you are one step closer to mastering solo ads. Good luck!

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