Which Autoresponder Is Best

Which Email Autoresponder Is Best To Use?

Pretty much everybody doing solo ads needs an autoresponder.

They store your email contacts, enable you to have follow-up email sequences, and of course mean that you can do your daily broadcasts – to produce the clicks that you sell to customers.

The long list of autoresponders available includes Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contacts, GVO, Sendreach, GoToContacts, MailChimp, iContact….and more.

But which email autoresponder is best to use?

After having tried out all on the above list out at some point over 2 years, I can safely say that there are only 2 worth bothering with – Aweber and GetResponse.

These are the “Big Two” in the world of autoresponders, with Aweber being top dog.

What makes these 2 companies the best?

One word – deliverability.

When sending out solo ad emails you want the best deliverability rates available, meaning as many of your emails hitting your subscribers inboxes as possible.

This will result in more people opening your emails, and therefore more clicks – which after all is what solo ads are all about!

Aweber and GetResponse are the biggest two autoresponders out there for a reason – using their services means you will get a lot more of your emails into people’s inboxes than if you were using one of the smaller companies, such as GVO or SendReach.

Nothing against any of the smaller autoresponders at all, each company is there and provides a service to its customers.

Many solo ad sellers will often use 1 or more of these autoresponders as a “back-up” list to store contacts in, or even produce some extra clicks throughout the day.

But generally speaking, you will just not get the open and click rates from these other guys compared to Aweber or GetResponse.

Indeed, most solo ad marketers that I know (and I know hundreds!) won’t use anybody else.

It’s worth noting that while being the best, both Aweber and GetResponse have slightly stricter rules than the other autoresponder companies out there.

Both companies can, and do, ban solo ad seller accounts if they push out too many emails in a day (1-2 max is a good general rule of thumb) or are too spammy with their swipes. Please see this post for more info on ‘spammy emails’ and how to avoid them.

Aweber has been clamping down particularly hard lately, and the Facebook solos groups have been full of angry posts from customers who have had their accounts terminated with no warning.

Aweber Closed

Don’t let this happen to you!

Unfortunately with solo ads you do get a lot of people who are prepared to try and ‘bend the rules’ a little with their autoresponder accounts.

Of course if you send out more mails in a day, and use spammy subject lines, this will produce more clicks from your list – but you are not thinking long term.

You are playing with fire (and your autoresponder account!) if you don’t abide by the rules put in place.

If you want to use, and benefit from, the best autoresponders out there – and get the highest click rates available, choose Aweber or GetResponse – and play by their rules.

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  • coconut

    In my opinion the best autoresponder is GetResponse. Earlier I had Mailchimp but it was not for me.

  • Drusty

    hmm both of the services are good but I think that Aweber is a not as good as GetResponse. Take care!

  • Richard

    What about sendlane.com ? Any experience on their deliverability?

  • What do you think of Sendlane.com ? i think they’re good for solos cause the founder, anik, also has a solo marketplace

  • DrDavid Adeoye

    How about GVO?

  • GlobalNPN’s MailMarketer Pro (Unlimited everything, Single Opt-in, very high deliver-ability.