How To Find Good Affiliate Offers To Promote

Every time someone joins an email list on your squeeze page, you have to send them somewhere afterwards. Unless you have your own back end offer or product, it’s highly likely you’ll be sending them to someone else’s – hence an affiliate offer.

Affiliate offers are made and hosted by someone else. You send them traffic, then if people from your affiliate link join up or buy a product, you get a percentage of the income (usually 50%). If this income is recurring (rebills every month) you can make yourself a sweet little income on top of everything else here, particularly if the product offers good value, and makes people want to stay joined up to the service.

It is also a good idea to promote affiliate offers via your follow-up email sequence once someone signs up to your list.

So where do I find good affiliate offers to promote?

There are several places to get great affiliate offers from, so please do read our list below….

1) Clickbank

Probably the biggest and most well-known website for affiliate offers in all sorts of niches. You can promote anything from MMO (make money online) offers, thru weight loss, right up to how train your dog guides! Clickbank has all sorts of offers with a wide range of payouts. Most of the biggest players in Internet Marketing use this platform to sell their products so you can be assured of reliability, on-time payments and a great, easy to use back end interface.

To find products to promote, log in to Clickbank and click ‘marketplace’ tab on the top blue bar. In my opinion their search function isn’t the best and you are better off to use CBEngine instead. You can input more parameters and find the products you need faster this way.

2) Warrior Plus (Warrior Forum)

Warrior Forum is the largest Internet Marketing forum online – if you aren’t joined up there, then you should be! One of the busiest areas of this message board is their WSO section (Warrior Special Offers). There are literally thousands of MMO related products for sale over here, many of which you can re-sell yourself as a back end product. Most ‘smaller’ marketers, such as people who have come from doing solo ads, then moved into doing their own first information product, such as an ebook – will start out selling it on Warrior Forum, before moving onto our next place on the list…..

3) JVZoo

Arguably the best place online to grab affiliate offers more suited to solo ad buyers/sellers. Digital guides, ebooks, SAAS (software as a service) and MMO related products galore. One of the many great things about JVZoo is that the minute you make a sale, the money is dumped straight into your Paypal account. No waiting around! JVZoo has heaps of great tools making it easy and simple for anyone wanting to get set up re-selling their own products.

To find products to promote, log in and click ‘marketplace’ tab on the top menu bar.

4) CPA Networks

Lots of solo ad sellers are using CPA (cost per action) products now in their funnels. Personally, I started out using CPA in my early solo ad days and still use it to some degree now. There are a lot of networks out there with all kinds of products you can promote – including a lot of bizops (business opportunities) related stuff – which is perfect for use with solo ads. Payouts range from $1 – $1.50 per join for email submit offers, right up to $35 – $200 per join for others. CashNetwork is a decent CPA network to get started with, then when you become more confident with selling I highly recommend Clicksure for higher payouts.

As mentioned, there are a LOT of CPA networks. A great place to ‘globally’ look for particular offers is Offervault. This site indexes thousands of offers across all the most well known CPA and affiliate sites, making it easy to search out exactly what you need.

5) Zaxaa

Zaxxa is the new kid on the block, but is already looking like a great option for both product vendors and affiliates.  They have a marketplace which is growing all the time, with many products to choose from.  In order to see the marketplace, you will first need to create an account, and then login (make sure you select the ‘Affiliate’ view to see the marketplace).  Zaxaa is very simple and easy to use, so getting setup to find and sell products is a snap.

One big advantage Zaxaa provides over many of the other options is the ability for the vendor to use one-click-upsells in their sales funnels, this helps reduce buying friction, and also increases conversions, which means more money for you!

7) Deal Guardian

Deal Guardian was launched in 2013, so is also quite new compared to many of the other options in this post. They haven’t got a huge number of products to promote, although many of the listed products you won’t be able to find elsewhere.  Getting setup is simple, and they have some useful features for vendors and affiliates, which make things easier, such as the ability to add/remove customers from email lists when they buy/refund etc.

Well worth a look.. You may be able to find something which isn’t being promoted much elsewhere!

8) Look what other marketers are promoting

I’m sure you’ve signed up to a few people’s squeeze pages in the past, to see how their back end works, or maybe to build up a collection of good swipe emails so you can draw inspiration yourself when writing your own (I, and most other solo ad sellers I know do this). While you’re collecting swipes, take a good look at what other marketers are promoting on their back end. Does the product look good to you? Does the sales page design and copy ‘pop’ off the page and draw you into joining up yourself? If the answer to both these questions is yes maybe you can promote the same product.

So to recap – a lot of places listed here to find affiliate offers! With hundreds of new products being released every single week, you will never run out of things to promote. Keep an eye on what is coming out, as you will often get better results with newer products because people won’t have seen them before.

Lastly, a good tip from me is to keep several offers in a rotator, then link to that, instead of ‘hard-linking’ to just one offer. This way if a prodcut starts under performing, it’s 2 seconds work to switch it out for another.

As always – test often, and never sit still. Your bank balance will thank you for it :)

Any input? We’d love to hear from you.

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