Funnel Clicks – What Are They and Should You Be Using Them?

I’m sure that on many solo ads sales pages out there, or in Skype and Facebook groups, you have come across the term ‘funnel clicks’ or ‘funnel traffic’.

What are funnel clicks?

And how are they different from normal solo ad clicks? (broadcast traffic)

The term ‘funnel’ traffic is given to clicks coming from a few different sources other than direct email broadcast traffic – or solo ads traffic as you probably know it :)

Unlike broadcast traffic, where a swipe is usually written based around your squeeze page, and the surfer knows roughly what they are going to see after clicking a link in an email – funnel clicks are ‘colder’ traffic – sent from a few different sources.

Pretty much everyone doing solo ads mails to rotators rather than direct links, so when lists are mailed multiple times, clicks coming into a rotator have often already been sent to the top link in the chain.

When this happens, the click in question ‘spills over’ to the next link down in the rotator.

Many solo ads sellers will use the first 1-3 links in their outgoing rotator to fulfil solo ads orders, then sell the ‘overflow’ traffic at a cheaper rate – as funnel traffic.

It’s worth noting here that when you see people banking clicks with each other (swapping clicks) it is this spillover traffic that they are trading – using it to send to each other’s squeeze pages, to build up each other’s lists for free.

Funnel traffic can also come from banners and links on download/thank you pages, email follow up sequences, and ‘bonus links’ in broadcast mails, often included in the P.S. part of the swipe.

Are funnel clicks lower quality than direct broadcast email links? Yes.
But they can be effective as you get your offer right in front of a prospect when they are in the process of “taking some sort of action”, i.e. they have already opted into a list, or clicked a link in an email then been sent to a page that has other links on it. If a surfer has clicked a link, or opted into a form once, it’s very likely they will do it again.

But are they cheaper than direct broadcast email traffic? Also yes.
This is one plus when buying funnel clicks – they can be bought for as little as $0.25 – $0.30 each depending on the quality so you are winning out on price. As an internet marketer starting out they may be good for you to kick start a list or two. But due to funnel clicks mostly being sent from cold links, optin% rate on your squeeze pages is generally lower than usual. And, due to them being sent from thank you pages and the like, it can often take quite a lot longer than 24-48 hours for you to receive your order compared to buying a solo ad. Some sellers advertise bigger funnel click packages (500-1000) as taking up to a month to deliver.

It isn’t all bad though, if you have some solo ads orders coming in as well, plus 1-2 funnel click packages, you’ll have a steady flow of traffic into your own funnel that stretches out over a number of weeks.

So where do I get funnel clicks from?

Many solo ad sellers advertise funnel clicks on their sales pages right next to their standard email clicks. Others are ‘by request’ only and you will have to ask them if they sell funnel traffic, then make a booking, over Skype or via email.

You can also get funnel clicks from the following dedicated Facebook groups

Funnel Click Testimonials
Funnel Clicks Buy and Sell
Funnel Clicks Buy/Sell ONLY!

Just like with buying normal solo ad clicks – it’s always wise to make sure you see testimonials from other well known faces before committing to an order. Never feel rushed into making a buy, and I’d say don’t have as high expectations for results from funnel traffic as you do from solo ad clicks. You are getting them cheaper remember, and that’s the trade off.

I’ve had brilliant results from some funnel traffic myself, then absolutely awful results from others. As with anything it’s learning who’s traffic works best with your squeeze page, funnel and offer. At risk of repeating myself, if you don’t have a really high-converting, well-optimised sales funnel – you won’t have great conversions no matter what traffic source you are using (solo ads, funnel clicks, PPC, Facebook, etc).

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  • Aris

    ” if you don’t have a really high-converting, well-optimised sales funnel – you won’t have great conversions no matter what traffic source you are using” Well i guess you are referring solely about the squeeze page itself because they only enter the funnel after they have subscribed right ? Either way, the point is, if your squeeze page isn’t optimized… non of this will work effectively (or at all). So my question is, what is an “optimized squeeze page”?

    Great read and surely something people looking to start a solo ad business or buy solo ads should read.

    • Tim Shrieves

      Hey Aris, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s very important to have a highly optimised squeeze page to turn as many visitors into subscribers, however, it’s also of great importance to have a automated sales & marketing process for our new subscriber to go through, which is where the sales and the majority of the money is made. We’ll be covering more about both the squeeze page and sales funnel optimisation in future posts!

  • I definately have to try Funnel Clicks, in order to have an extra flow of traffic
    Solo Ads still be the King.

  • Interesting, I’d like to do something like that for Domen Solo Ads

  • Ellie B

    Would do something similar for