Know Your Numbers? How To Easily Track In Your Solo Ad Buy Metrics!

Do you know your numbers in your business? I mean, REALLY know your numbers?

Would you be able to tell me your average EPC (Earnings Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for last month, and the month before?

If you drew a blank.. Don’t worry.

By the end of this post, you’ll have the strategy and tools to be able to make this kind of problem a thing of the past for your business.

Why Do You Need To Know This Information?

This may be a bad example, but I think it’s similar to putting on a few extra pounds.  One day, things are going great, then one day you just realise you’ve put on a load of extra weight.  Did that happen over night?


So why was it so difficult to spot?

Well.. The short answer is that it creeps up on us!!  The only way we can easily identify it early on is to check regularly, and try to spot the trends.

It’s exactly the same for your business.  You need to know your past and current numbers, in order to be able to have a decent overview of where you’ve come from, and how well you’re currently doing.  Only then, will you be able to accurately predict where you’re actually going.

Keeping detailed records of all of your traffic buys is key.  Forget tracking solutions, and analytics.  I’m talking about good, old-fashioned spreadsheets! (Believe it or not, but this is how many ‘A-Player’ marketers recored their high level marketing campaigns).

Here’s how it should work.  Once you’ve got the results from your Solo Ad buy, you should be recording that data (it takes 1 minute to do, but it starts to build up a picture of how well you’re doing).  Adding this information to a blank spreadsheet will help, but it will take some time to analyse, and spot trends… So we’ve done the hard work for you!

Download Your FREE Solo Ads Tracker Spreadsheet Here! (You’ll need Excel to open it, or if you don’t have that Open Office works too, and is free)

We’ve made this REALLY easy for you… Simply enter in some basic data such as seller name, seller email, Skype details, solo ad cost, number of clicks ordered, number of clicks delivered, number of sales made etc. Then our spreadsheet will calculate all of your key metrics such as EPC, ROI, and so on…

It will also give you funky charts which make visualising your progress/trends a snap!

The first tab you’ll see looks like this. (Click image to enlarge)


You can’t actually edit anything on this page, but as you enter in information on the other tabs (located at the bottom of the spreadsheet) this main overview page will dynamically update itself.

Tabs at the bottom are split up month by month like so :

Click To Enlarge

Pick the relevant month and you’ll see the following. (Click image to enlarge)


Simply enter in details of each solo ad that you buy – the light blue cells are the ones you can edit. The yellow cells will update automatically for you, as will everything on the main overview tab that keeps track of your overall solo ad metrics.

With one glance you can see who is providing you with the best optin %, cost per click, cost per subscriber, earnings per click, profit/loss, and of course the all important ROI. Plus along the top keeps running totals of all your buys put together.

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and can safely say it kicks the ass out of the multiple Google spreadsheets I was using before. This makes everything easier, not to mention saving a whole lot of my valuable time.

Download our spreadsheet for free now and try it out yourself :)

What Next?

Recording this data is going to make your business more streamlined and profitable ONLY if you analyse it, and then make some ‘course adjustments’.

What should you be looking out for?

With so many numbers and metrics, it may seem daunting, but in reality, it’s very straightforward – Look at money in vs. money out.

How much have you spent, compared to money you’ve made back.  The best metric to look for this is the ROI, the higher the better.  (It’s better to have a solo ad/campaign which has 100% ROI but only 35% sign-up conversion, compared with a 55% sign-up conversion campaign, which had an ROI of 50%).

The bottom line here is that you want to build an email list of BUYERS, and not freebie seekers or tyre-kickers, who never whip out their credit card!

Look out for trends, such as sellers who provide great ROI.  Work out future deals with them, and try to negotiate better deals, in exchange for more business being sent their way.

It’s also a good idea to create a journal, or timeline where you recored the changes you’ve made to your squeeze page or sales funnel; then if you see a big spike, you can easily find out what was the likely cause.

This isn’t rocket science.. It’s basic business sense, and logic.  If you recored your data well, and know your numbers, your business AND your bank account will thank you for many years to come!

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  • Aris Savva

    Sounds great and was really looking forward to using it … but i cant add to any of the field in the file solo-ad-tracker.xlsx. I enable editing and then it tells me i must turn off “protected sheet” from the “review” tab. Once i do that, it asks me for a password. I tried using my computers password but nothing.

    The other file ._solo-ad-tracker.xlsx just doesnt open …. although it seems to be the same format as the other file, it says that the format is unsupported.

    Im using office 2013 and would appreciate any way to work around this… could really use it!!!


    • Aris

      Nevermind .. .i should learn to read more carefully :) I thought it was just the graph we couldn’t edit! my bad….

      • Tim Shrieves

        Hey Aris, no worries at all.. let us know if you run into any further issues. Everything should be working with it.. Hope you get good use out of it :)

  • Ichsan Neu

    hi..great post. I just looked at your “solo Ad’s Bought”. How can you always get profits ?? Is that the real numbers ?? thanks

  • Henry

    I downloaded the excel sheet but it is protected and you need a password to unprotect it. WT. Looks awesome if only I could actually ue it

  • Keith Campbell

    That is so awesome. Thanks!