Which Click Tracking Solution Is Best For You In 2015?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always want to keep on top of the software solutions available to online marketers, however when it comes to tracking your traffic, which click tracking solution is best for you in 2015?

Luckily, we have a variety of solutions available to us which are getting ever better as technology improves, and new marketing techniques and strategies develop.

In this post, I’m going to round up some of the best options available for you to use!

First, we need to look at what it is your actually trying to track.  Are you sending traffic to your own squeeze page, sales funnel, E-mail series or everything above?

Or, are you simply sending traffic to an affiliate offer, Such as a network marketing offer?

If you’re sending directly to a network marketing style offer, you may find that they have a built in tracking service included for you, in which case you can use this.  However, some offers and networks do not include this, so require you to have your own.

This isn’t a bad thing as this allows you to have control over the sign up process, including the actual squeeze page you use which generally leads to much better conversion results..

When it comes to tracking solutions for your own sales and marketing finals, there are really four categories of tracking solution available to you:

1. Legacy Self Hosted Tracking Solutions

These still do work, however, the are old, rarely updated, and are based upon older technology developed within the past five or so years.  These are typically not very user friendly, and have more dated user interfaces.  Features tend to be limited in comparison to some of the newer click trackers, although if you’re looking for a basic click tracker, which still gets the job done, they will still work fine.

The best examples would be AdTrackzGold and MyClickBoss, both are affordable and work, however, it’s advisable to go with something a bit more up-to-date which is better supported, and easier to use.

2. Monthly Subscription Hosted Tracking Solutions

There are quite a few hosted tracking solutions available, including some older ones such as Hyper Tracker and ClixTrac (both of which really need a refresh).

Then there’s the newer breed, which are being updated constantly, and provide great value for money, and convenience.

Examples include ClickMagick, Improvely and ClickMeter.  Clickmagick is a great ‘Marketers Toolbox’ offering more than just tracking, they offer traffic rotators, timers, and magic bars (overlays for other websites).

For day-to-day tracking, we love the simplicity of ClickMagick – Click here to check it out.

For more advanced funnel tracking and analytics, we use Improvely – Click here to check out Improvely.

3. Single Payment Hosted Tracking Solutions

This is a new sub-market for tracking solutions, as generally hosted solutions are a monthly subscription based model. However, there is a new player in the tracking market which is using this model, and it’s called FunnelTrax.

FunnelTrax is very simple to use, and provides users with some great tracking features, such as being able to easily track entire sales funnels and the ability to add users who click on the tracking link to a custom retargeting audience, for later advertising campaigns.

This is a great solution for marketers who need quick, easy tracking with great features – Click here to check out FunnelTrax.

4. Advanced Tracking Solutions

Most marketers will not really need to go here for the day-to-day tracking of their campaigns. These advanced tracking solutions are intended for marketers who have very complex tracking requirements, traffic filtering and analytical needs.

Most of these solutions require much more learning and playing around with, before you can effectively use them, however, typically they provide more information on your campaigns.

Some examples include voluum.com (very good, hosted solution), CPV Lab (legacy, self hosted solution), prosper202 (free, self hosted solution) and iMobiTrax (very good, self hosted solution).

Of these, voluum.com is the clear winner, and is a hosted solution so you wont need to install anything on your own server. Second would be iMobiTrax, but this is fairly expensive.


So, which Click Tracking Solution Is Best For You In 2015?

This completely depends on your individual click tracking requirements. If you’re looking for a simple and easy click tracker, we advise checking out FunnelTrax and ClickMagick.

However, if you’re looking for a more robust solution, with greater analytics, we recommend checking out Voluum.

Most of these offer free trials, so you can test-drive them before you make a final decision.

Let us know what your favourite tracking solution is or give us feedback in the comments below.

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  • Richard

    What about adsbridge? Have you tried them?

  • I personally use Clickmagick because it has great features and is essential for me in my business.


  • Christofer

    I have been using clickmagic and the interface is pretty really easy to use. Will be trying out hypertrack:)

  • Christofer

    I have been using clickmagic and the interface is pretty really easy to use. Will be trying out hypertrack:)